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Space Voyage - Space Camp   visit
A summer camp designed for students with a interest in the area of
   space exploration. Space Voyage immerses students in
   thinking and working "as-if" they were astronauts.

Colorado Summer Camp Guide 2016  (CSCG)   visit
A free online service providing information about summer camps that   
serve the youth of Colorado. Dedicated to the families of Colorado,
informing and empowering parents to connect kids to a positive   
summer. This web site is designed to be fast and friendly.
Currently lists more than 600 camps.

Web Hosting by    visit
  Web hosting that is affordable, friendly and Empowering. Our
  hosting  plans can accommodate your existing web pages or inspire
  the development of a new web site for your needs. 

Space Voyage… The School Seminar   visit
The ultimate field trip… A space voyage in your classroom.
  This school seminar brings science, reading and math to life as
  students are immersed in thinking like an astronaut.
Currently in re-development.

BSA Scout Support at E-2-A   visit
   Patch support, Pocket Booklets, Wren Bird House plans, Electrical circuits and


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